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Glute 900 - 15 Minute Workout Video

Todos los que completen todos los pasos del programa obtendrán una insignia.


VIDEO TRAINER GUIDED WORKOUT. Glute 900 is a free 15 minute workout targeting the booty. What makes this different from every other " Booty Workout"? It's a true natural BBL. Not a cookie cutter routine. It has been tailored to shape the butt, burn calories the through HIIT training, and incorporate supporting muscles so that your proportion is accentuated. This Free at home workout requires no equipment. All you need is 15 mins and dedication to shape and grow your butt naturally and 100% for free. This butt enhancement workout will change your life. Follow Kenny Campbell through a 15 min workout and see why Campbell Fitness is becoming a leader in the fitness industry.


Light Work, $30.00/month


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